In Yakutia opened a factory for the production of composite materials

The nearby city of Yakutsk Pokrovsk opened plant innovative composite materials based on continuous basalt fiber.

In accordance with the project "Basalt — new technologies," the company will produce four kinds of products using nanotechnology. Among them — bazaltobetonnye design for industrial and civil construction, construction basalt rebar and mesh for reinforcement of the roadway, as well as directly continuous basalt fiber, which is a raw material in the manufacture of many composite materials.

The project was supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Its developers noted that the composite product on the basis of basalt have high corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, retain strength at low temperatures and good heat hold. This makes them indispensable in road and housing construction in the Far North, in the permafrost where conventional materials can not withstand extreme seasonal changes in temperature reaching 100 degrees in Yakutia.

According to company director Yegor Zhirkov, products based on continuous basalt fiber can be used in the automotive, oil and gas, agriculture and many other industries. But for now the most important thing of Yakutia to get the materials needed for construction. This will significantly reduce the cost of delivery to the republic expensive steel reinforcement, concrete structures and other building materials.

Several phrases mentioning the basalt already familiar to residents of Yakutia, as the neighborhood with the new venture more than a year working basalt plant. But he produces thermal insulation boards, the production of which does not use nanotechnology. But on the open enterprise innovative technology perfected in cooperation with specialists from RUSNANO.

The project will create in the region of the republic Khangalassky more than 260 additional jobs. But the annual revenue of Yakutia new production will be 430 million rubles.


Photo: Peter Okoneshnikov, YSIA

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