In Yakutia opened a modern clinic

On June 21, Yakutsk, the grand opening of the clinic medical school NEFU.

Work on the project began two years ago. Behind the painstaking design of the superstructure of the fourth floor, the selection and purchase of modern medical equipment, including laboratory and simulation center, interior finishing work.

The clinic consists of three main units: the educational, clinical, diagnostic and scientific production. In the research unit will operate six teaching and research laboratories: clinical, diagnostic, immunological, microbiological, and laboratory osteoporosis, genomic medicine, neyropsihofiziologicheskih research.

"For the future of medical skills are as important as theoretical knowledge. The clinic is also equipped with a simulation center, modern dental equipment with 3D-hardware, a spacious lecture hall ", — Said the director of the Institute of Palmyra Petrov.

 The material and technical base of laboratories formed by international standards of laboratory research. The clinic is planning to develop a broad range of scientific topics — from hematology to molecular biology and cellular technologies.

Clinical diagnostic part will assume the task to provide students working directly with patients, using the most advanced instrumental and technological capabilities. Now fully equipped with all existing standards for practical public health offices ultrasound, radiology, endoscopy, studies of eye diseases, otolaryngology, advisory center for the reception of patients in almost all medical fields.
According YSIA in high school, opening ceremony, Palmyra Petrov, Director of Medical Institute NEFU said: "A dream come true for generations of students and graduates of medical school, there was a private clinic, where students will practice to practice skills and apply their knowledge".

First Deputy Chairman of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) Elena Alexeeva, medfakultuta YSU graduate, noted that the opening of the medical clinic is a breakthrough in medical training republic.

And invited guests congratulated the Rector of the University, director of the medical institution, the director of the clinic, presented gifts, thank you notes and letters to builders who have completed this major project for the university.

The head of the city district "Yakutsk" Aisen Nikolaev expressed the hope that the clinic will not only help the student to medical school, but the entire health care system of the city. The Rector NEFU Yevgeny Mikhailov, in turn noted that the clinic doors will always be open to the city and the country, inviting the open days at the clinic, which will be held from 22 to 24 June. Rector also stressed that the clinic should become a universal scientific research, education and practical medical center of the region.

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