In Yakutia opened a research station Samoilovskii island

September 22, 2013 located at the mouth of the Lena River Island Samoilovsky the official opening of the same name by the research station and the transfer of the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics. AA , Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Arctic Samoilovsky laboratory on the island — a unique set of observations of permafrost, a natural laboratory for climate research.

Modern Station "Samoilovskii island" is a building consisting of three units — laboratory, residential and warehouse — united by a common central part. 

Studies conducted on the island for about 15 years — it runs the joint Russian-German expedition "Lena". However, until recently, staff members of the expedition had to work in conditions that are far from what could be called comfortable. She huddled in the laboratory dilapidated log cabin. On top of that due to the rapid melting of the ice the old station is very close to the edge of the cliff and threatened to collapse into the water. Therefore, in 2010 on the island, it was decided to build a modern and comfortable research station, equipped with the latest laboratory equipment.

Experts Spetsstroy Russia implemented the project in a record, on Arctic standards, the term: in August 2010, it was decided to build a new station, and in 2012, the facility was actually completed, which allowed the Russian and German scientists to thoroughly prepare for the opening of the 2013 expedition season year.


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