In Yakutsk began assembling WIG

In Yakutsk delivered cargo-ship of a new type — winged "Petrel". On Thursday, the engineering staff and the crew of amphibious started its assembly.

Works are carried out in the waters of the river port of Yakutsk at the base of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels. The ship will collect virtually on the water.


— All work will take a maximum of one and a half days — told "RG" Assistant Secretary of Transportation Victor Potylitsyn Yakutia. — This will start the third round of testing of the ship.

According to the assistant minister, the first two rounds were held at one of the suburban reservoirs in summer and winter.

— In the third round we are late — Viktor Potylitsyn. — We planned to spend it on the Lena River in July, but failed for technical reasons. Therefore it is necessary to have time right now. And then there will be a fourth round, winter. The fact that the "Puffin" is created from composite materials are not afraid of our frosts. Therefore, it will be used as in the summer, and in winter.

On these amphibians Yakut authorities and boatman made a big bet. Habitual yakutians "Meteora", "Voskhod" and "Rockets" have not produced, existing fleet of high-speed vessels is rapidly becoming obsolete, and after a few years of their operation will be terminated.

It is assumed that the "Thunderbirds", carrying passengers and cargo will be a good replacement Hydrofoil on lines stretching for hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away. Their advantage is the fact that they can walk on water, ice, snow, and even fly over obstacles.

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta"


History of the Puffin is briefly as follows. First, there was a conceptual layout, which were examined common species were counted aero-and hydrodynamics. Then built a 16-seater car for testing hydrodynamic devices they were already presented nine options. Stopped for those that have taken root in the next 20-seat model. And then, finally, Puffin 24 to 24 passengers. In this prototype, the creators hope will be received answers to the remaining questions, and it may become a prototype for a future production mashiny.Konstruktory one hundred percent confident in the success of the tests, and therefore will soon begin construction of the 100-seat amphibian order. However, we must say a few words directly about WIG Puffin 24. Its features are impressive — at a bodyweight of about four tons of it can transport 3.5 tonnes of cargo at speeds over 200 km / h at a distance of 2000 km. Not only is the 24-seater amphibious boat consists of modules and after the removal of the container is placed in the sea, which can be delivered anywhere even on the boat, even by rail, at least for a vehicle. Service and maintainability perfected: engine failure — shoot with the wing, put a new block and the — fly. The floats are replaced in an hour, and all the other nodes as easily disconnected for routine maintenance and repair. Orange "bubble" underneath is nothing like a jack and a parking brake with a heating system for the North, and for the southern regions — the landing site.

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