In Yakutsk open Republican Cardiology Clinic

Republican Cardiology Clinic worth more than 100 million rubles was opened on December 17 in Yakutsk.

Dispensary was opened at the National Medical Center. The establishment is the organizational and methodological center for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and out-patient care of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

The new building was built in just two years at the expense of the investment program of Yakutia. Cardiology clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment expert class, laboratory, physical therapy room, offices receiving medical specialists.

Commissioned the first phase of Cardiology Clinic, where the majority are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. In the future we plan to build the second turn — cardio-vascular center with 150 seats.

"In the life of the Republic was a significant event. Opening cardiology clinic — it is one of the most significant moments in the development of the entire health care industry of Yakutia", — said at the opening ceremony of deputy prime minister of the republic Alexander Vlasov.
He informed that the number of patients with cardiovascular diseases is constantly increasing. Therefore, the treatment of this disease is one of the priority tasks, which sets the leadership of the republic.


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