In Yamal gas processing plant opened Vyngapurovsky

This is a landmark event in the economy and production, not only Noyabr’sk but Yamal. Vyngapurovsky gas processing plant built with the most modern technology and environmental requirements.

Vyngapurovsky GPP processes associated petroleum gas (APG) from the fields of "Gazprom oil" to produce dry gas and broad fraction of hydrocarbons (LPG) — a basic raw material for the petrochemical industry.

Since 2007, SIBUR has invested more than 20 billion rubles in the construction and modernization of processing facilities and pipeline infrastructure in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. Including the creation Vyngapurovskoye GPP — 4.8 billion rubles.

The new production is created on the basis of Vyngapurovskaya compressor station with the expansion of existing facilities and the deepening of extracting the desired fractions. In particular, the launch of a new plant design capacity of 2.1 billion cubic meters of associated gas per year. The plant’s capacity to receive APG has increased to 2.4 billion cubic meters per year. The capacity for the development of natural gas liquids increased more than 2 times — up to 640 thousand tons per year. The recovery of target components reached 99%, the highest rate in Russia on a par with the CPC Gubkinskaya SIBUR.

In addition to improving the environmental situation in the area, the project has social value — the new plant will provide residents of the region the November about a hundred jobs.

Now about the neighborhood Vyngapurovsky will go out two gas torch — a promise made at the opening of the representatives of "Gazprom oil" and SIBUR — thanks to a joint project between the two companies and the opportunity to open a new venture. Because of this increase can recycling one billion cubic meters: it is associated gas from Vyngapurovskoye, New Year’s, Ety-Pur, Vyngayakhinskoye and Yarainerskoe fields.

Also at the event on the November filler railway viaduct solemn pipe joint as part of the planned construction product pipeline "Pur gas condensate processing plant" — "Tobolsk-Neftehim."

Its length will be 1,100 km, capacity — 8 million tons per year. The pipeline will provide an opportunity to transport a wide fraction of hydrocarbons — the basic raw material for the petrochemical industry — from Khanty-Mansi and Yamal in the Tyumen region. This object — an essential step in the development of pipeline infrastructure Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

As noted by the head of the administration Noyabr’sk Belotsky Jeanne, who was present at the ceremony, the high economic, political and social importance of this project is obvious: it is largely help solve the problem of employment of residents of the neighborhood Vyngapurovsky.

Docking product pipeline.

Vyngapurovsky GPP.

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