In Yamal ready to open several kindergartens and schools

2013 on the Yamal yielding to a housewarming, but this is not the limit. The coming years will open more and more public facilities, sports complexes only in 2014 will open 12 pieces! These are the results of the "building boom" cover all areas of the county.  

In the taiga village Halyasavey put a new school building for 240 boarding school. September 1 will come here to learn Nenets children.

Kindergarten for 300 places in Labytnangi

Kindergarten for 300 places in g.Muravlenko

Kindergarten for 300 places in the city of Novy Urengoi

Children‘s Art School in Gubkinskiy.

Children’s Art School in g.Tarko-Sale

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