In Yamal scale building housing

Authorities Yamal seriously undertook to eliminate vethoto housing, according to the plans of county government in 2020 in the region should be dilapidated houses, and in some municipalities the old fund liquidated in 2015. One of the most ambitious construction started in Noyabr’sk.

A pilot project for integrated development of Yamal territory for resettlement of slum housing provides for the construction by the end of 2014 in a new neighborhood (№ 8) Noyabr’sk housing complex "Northern Lights", which will include seven 9-storey buildings with a total of ten sectional area of about 200 thousand m2. 2828 comfortable economy-class apartments with "turnkey" will allow city residents to improve their living conditions. Here resettled residents districts A, B, C, D, which will be demolished more 130 storey pieces of wood. 
The project envisages the improvement of territory. Later in the neighborhood will be built and social infrastructure: schools, two kindergartens, a stadium, a relaxation area.


Working GSK "VIS" prisupili construction in April. Work carried out at all sites at once, it is now ready to monolithic walls of the two houses is masonry exterior walls, roof and facades are installed. By the end of the year will be ready to wall 2 more houses. 80% of the apartments will give NOYABRSK for resettlement of slum housing. The remaining 20% will be sold, the sales will be announced soon. In 2013, in the district already have deposited the first house, and it’s 404 apartments and 28,000 m2. In addition, the complex is being built and two dozen homes in other areas Noyabr‘sk. Such rates and volumes of construction the city is not seen in 20 years.
 Chronicle of construction: March.







































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