In Yaroslavl, has opened a new engine plant JAMZ-530 (PHOTOS)

November 23 In Zavolzhski area of Yaroslavl have opened a modern factory for the production of engines of JAMZ-530. Euro 4 engine, made in Russia, became a reality and the new brainchild of the plant "Autodiesel" GAZ Group.

According to some experts, analogues such a production site in Russia yet. New engines JAMZ-530 meet modern international standards and its characteristics are not inferior to the best world standards.

The design capacity of the production site involves production of up to 50 thousand engines per year. In the initial phase of production in the factory plans to produce engines for 50-60 per month. Now the production employs about 200 people, in the future there will be 500. The volume of investments — about 10 billion rubles.

It is assumed that the new Russian diesel engines will be competitive not only in Russia but also abroad. So far, creation engine is in a test mode, the serial production will start in December. GAZ Group president Bo Andersson and S. Vahrukov governor of the region, who came to the opening of the venue JAMZ-530, were satisfied with what they saw. Bo Andersson said that the new plant "Avtodizelya", is the most modern production site in Russia of the "GAS" and the most modern engine in the world.

Recall that this project was started back in the 2004th year, but the actual construction of the new plant "Autodiesel" in Zavolzhsky area of Yaroslavl began in December 2007. The total investment in the project has reached 10 billion rubles, more than half of them — it’s a 10-year loan.

The production is organized on a new ground of "Autodiesel" an area of about 56,000 square meters. At the same time, according to the director of the project mid-line engines JAMZ-530 Ruslan Grekov, serial engine start is scheduled for December.

"We finish the start of production. Now produce pilot batches — about 50 engines per month. This engine, which are necessary for our test, for consumers who spend at testing on the cars, and debugging processes," — said the Greeks .

"The project pays for itself, given its long-term investment phase, for nine years," — said the Greeks.

The project involves the development and organization of serial production of a new family in Yaroslavl middle line diesel engine JAMZ-530 environmental parameters class "Euro-3", "Euro-4", "Euro-5" and "Euro 6". The new family consists of in-line diesel engine with four-and six-cylinder performance, capacity from 120 to 315 horsepower.

The company already has contracts. The main customer — company GAZ, PAZ bus plants, "LiAZ" Gorky Automobile Plant, the Ural Automobile Plant, the Minsk Automobile Plant. In addition, the plant will supply engines for the defense industry.

"The low cost of engines that meet the best world standards, provides a high level of competitiveness of these engines in Russia and abroad", — said the director of the project.

"It is important that the engines meet the highest world standards, the right to belong to their design of" Autodiesel. "Domestic companies are trendsetters and owners of intellectual resources. Area for the new plant is important for many reasons — new jobs, payments to the budget, the confirmation of the status of the center Russian diesel-engine "- said the governor.

"I’m very impressed with what he saw. Today is the first step, which has already shown us that you can produce engines at this plant," — said Andersson.

By 2014, production of engines to be around 50,000 a year.

According to project managers, the launch of a new production with a high degree of localization will lead to lower product costs compared to foreign counterparts. In addition, the production will partially meet the needs of Russian enterprises producing automotive, agricultural, construction and road equipment.


The plot of machining the cylinder head:

Assembly area of the cylinder head:

The plot of machining the crankshaft:

The plot of machining the cylinder:

The plot engine assembly:

The plot tests of engines:

Shipment engines to consumers:

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