In Yaroslavl, opened an updated Bakery number 2

In the confectionery industry revives. Evidence of this was the opening of the renovated Bread Factory number 2.
Recently, this has not issued bakery products. New life breathed into it the company "Atrus’ which bought the buildings need repair, where, after the reconstruction has put into operation two modern plant for production of confectionery — waffles and cookies. Thanks to the established high-tech production process of the Austrian line here is automated. 

Managing the process of preparation of these wafers is carried out with the help of a computer program. All the settings — the number of filling dough baking temperature to the final product dimensions are reflected in the monitor.
New technologies make it possible to increase both the quality and quantity of production.
Chief Technologist of Yaroslavl Bread Factory number 2 Olga Lobanov told about the capacity of the new line, the amount of output, and that such a line can support a minimum number of employees. The new European line is installed in another shop of the plant, which produces biscuits. 
"The process is practically all closed, which does not allow any foreign objects to get into production. And need fewer people on the packaging and in every workplace," — says the head of the production of Yaroslavl Bread Factory number 2 Vera Dubov.
The peculiarity of this line is its versatility. It can produce various kinds of products.
"We colleague gave a very successful Danish recipe. Based on it, we produce two types of long cookies, and we use our classic recipe," — said the chief technologist of Yaroslavl Bread Factory number 2 Olga Lobanov.
In the future, the updated plan to run the bakery Yaroslavl and other modern automated plant for production of confectionery. And there is every reason to believe that the traditional for our area confectionery industry will be further developed.

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