In Yekaterinburg, a kindergarten

In Ordzhonikidze district of Yekaterinburg opened a second in this year’s kindergarten. Pre-school is designed for 110 seats and it will be six groups that are already assigned names: "The Scarlet Flower", "goldfish", "Firebird", "The Golden Key", "Geese and Swans," "The Golden Cockerel".

 Kindergarten building was built in 1964. In June last year, in a room of the educational institutions began overhaul and construction of the adjacent territory. Today, all the equipment of a kindergarten, starting with children’s furniture in groups and finishing equipment in the laundry room, medical room and nutrition unit meets the modern standards.

In short, the kindergarten has all the facilities for a comfortable stay of children and prepare them for school. "The peculiarity of this kindergarten was the fact that three of the six groups have already begun to function and take the young kids in preschool for the day. Testifies tempting smell of borscht and cabbage, which is spread throughout the kindergarten. This means that the guys already in fully feel the warmth and caring teachers and educators who will continue to accompany the students, helping them to find a second home and preparing them for school, "- said the head of the administration of Ekaterinburg Alexander Jakob:


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