In Yekaterinburg, after the overhaul a kindergarten

16 Augustana opened capitally renovated kindergarten number 430 on the street Schoolboy, 14 in Upper Iset district of Yekaterinburg.

C, 2004, when in Yekaterinburg program began on the development of pre-school educational institutions, were put into operation 75 kindergartens for 9000 places. As much as the municipality plans to open in the next three years.


Once upon a building built in 1965 is included with the system of pre-school education in Yekaterinburg. In the 1990s, like many other kindergartens, it has been redesigned for offices. Today, the object returns to its original purpose.

The building has a total area of 1,048 square meters of free space housed six groups that include game rooms and bedrooms, as well as musical and gymnastic hall, catering department, laundry, medical unit, the structure of which includes reception, procedural, and insulator. Also for children will run a methodical study and study speech therapy. Around the kindergarten housed six spacious recreational areas with porches, swings and other small architectural forms.

At the moment, state preschool institution is fully staffed. As the director of the kindergarten number 430 Irina Fedchuk, the team slumped creative and professional. Already, experts think through the development program for kids with the possibility of using close to the sports complex and the Center of Culture and Arts "Top — Iset.

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