In Yekaterinburg, all children aged 5 and 6 provide a place in the gardens

The leaders of Yekaterinburg on Wednesday, February 1, attended the grand opening of the kindergarten, located in the street Furmanova, 114 and in the Leninsky district. This is the third kindergarten in 2012


In recent years, the building housed the kindergarten department of the Federal Migration Service of the Sverdlovsk region and the Passport and Visa Services. June 2, 2011 in the kindergarten began overhaul. During this time, repaired the roof, replaced windows, doors and plumbing.


Now a spacious, bright, cozy kindergarten ready to take on its premises 110 kids. Each group is a modern children‘s furniture, there are different classes of effective educational tools and games. On the second floor of the kindergarten is equipped auditorium. It will give the kids their first concerts and participate in sports.

The latest technology equipped catering department and laundry kindergarten. From next Monday in a renovated kindergarten will begin to operate half-day group.

Head of the Administration of Yekaterinburg Alexander Jakob:

"Thanks to the success of the program for the development of pre-school educational institutions of all children between the ages of five and six have already secured places in kindergartens. The next challenge — the need to close the places for children aged 3-4 years.

In addition, I hope that with the adoption of the federal law, the city will actively develop and private kindergartens, which will have a major motivation for the development of social business. "

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