In Yekaterinburg, began to produce world-class conveyor belts

On the Ural Plant RTI June 22 launched a new calender production line conveyor belt. According to the director of the plant O.Fomina, the power of the new line is 150 thousand square meters of conveyor belt in a year, it is economical, environmentally friendly, safe and will compete on quality products with brands such as "Continental", "Bridgestone".

Consumers are metallurgical production, processing plants, machinery plants, and agriculture.


In addition, the new production will reduce waste by 2.5 times, and the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere will be reduced by almost 3 times.

Note the launch of a modern, high-tech calender production line conveyor belt — the first stage of modernization, its implementation is estimated at 400 million rubles, the cost of the modernization project, which is designed for 10 years, will be about 1 billion rubles.

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