In Yekaterinburg, built workshop vacuum ultrafiltration water

In Yekaterinburg completed the construction of a unique workshop for Russian vacuum ultra filtration plant on the West.

West filter station is around 11 km Moscow highway. The station is about 455 thousand cubic meters per day. That’s 80 percent of the required drinking water Yekaterinburg. Starting in the work shop of wash water treatment technology will improve the performance of the main water treatment plant as reuse of wash water generated in the process of water treatment.

The use of ultrafiltration membranes provide the city with additional 55 thousand cubic meters of water per day. The method consists in the fact that washes sand filters and micro-filtered through a special membrane on the basis of classical chemical coagulation. Ultrafiltration membrane pore size 0.0008 millimeters separates water containing suspended matter in a clean, not containing suspended solids is used as drinking water and compacted sedimentary concentrate which is in the form of dehydrated sludge is transported from a station.

In addition to improving the quality of drinking water, which after the launch workshop will meet Russia’s demands and requirements of the Department for Environment European Union and the United States significantly reduce the environmental load on the Upper Iset pond and lake Zdohnya.

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