In Yekaterinburg opened a school for 875 seats

August 16, 2013 in a solemn ceremony opened a school-new building in the Leninsky district of Yekaterinburg.

In the new building will be able to study 875 children. At this point in the class have already enrolled 733 people, reception pupils will continue until September 1.

The complex architecture of the building by a variable number of floors with total area of 19,250 square meters will be able to comfortably accommodate almost a thousand people. In addition to the spacious classrooms in the school dining room located, accommodating 325 students in one shift, bunk library with a reading room with 108 seats, a conference hall for 526 people, equipped with light and music equipment. The entire school infrastructure is designed to children with disabilities: the school has special lifts, toilets and ramps.

Athletic link includes a gym with a specialized coating, dance class and swimming pool, which, as well as the school stadium, the students will use in conjunction with their neighbors — the pupils of the school number 16.

On the first two floors the elementary school — this year, the school will take 150 first-graders that will be distributed in six classes of 25 students each. In the third and fourth floors will be watching the guys high and high school.


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