In ZAO Aviastar-SP commissioned high-speed machining centers

In JSC "Aviastar-SP" was held the inauguration of the new equipment. Since then, the company will operate two high center of the American firm MAG.

Centers purchased within the federal target program of modernization "Aviastar" for processing large parts of different materials for the entire line produced aircraft, including upgraded Il-76MD-90A.

In JSC "Aviastar-SP" in 2007, implemented a program of modernization.

During this time, the factory buildings raised a number of modern high-precision, high-efficient equipment: machining centers, test and measurement, laboratory, testing equipment, as well as a number of special equipment. Further work on the upgrade of the company will reach the current level of the organization of production aircraft and reduce the cost of manufactured aircraft.


The introduction of this type of equipment you can: • significantly reduce the complexity of manufacturing large parts due to a high-speed processing; • reduce manufacturing cycle parts; • significantly improve the quality of manufactured products; • make the transition to digital production of details, which has a large effect by improving the accuracy made details and further accelerates the assembly of products in the aggregate-assembly production, since a significant portion of the fitting and finishing work will be eliminated.

Opening remarks were provided to the Deputy General Director — Technical Director of JSC "Aviastar-SP" Viktor Kulakov: "Modernisation" Aviastar "is not the first time, — said Victor G.. — We have a lot of new machines. Entering this complex, we have decided to allocate special first of all, because using this machine opens up a new era of tooling, interacting with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machining equipment "MAG Cincinnati".

At a ceremony attended by the director of the Department of Industry of the Ulyanovsk region Marina Glukhova:

"You and I have one goal," — said Marina G.. "Make life in our region as comfortable. To do this you need to work our industry, and in particular, our flagship and pride — plant" Aviastar ".

Vice-President of "MAG Cincinnati" Jeff Arstrom and a representative of the supplier "Solver" Alexander Borovlev expressed their gratitude for the cooperation and expressed confidence that "cooperation with" Aviastar "within modernization will successfully develop modern Russian aircraft industry" .

The culmination of the festival was a solemn moment start the machine and its demonstration in the work of the processing details.

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