In Zelenograd family was born the eighth child

December 15 the addition of numerous family Parushev happened in the family, who lives in the cottage for large families in Malino. Now the family of his five children and three foster kids from the orphanage, and the eldest daughter is only 11 years old. Younger, a newborn baby boy decided to call Savely.


Today it is one of the two largest families of the village, where small families not by definition — the program of the Government of Moscow this gated community was built and inhabited by families with five or more children, who stood in a long queue for the improvement of living conditions. In 2009, the Malino moved 18 such families from different districts of the capital. In the future City Hall planned to expand the circle of participants in the program and provide homes to families on the waiting list, with four children, but so far these intentions were not realized.

Parushev family moved to the Eastern District of Malino. My mother — an accountant and economist, Dad — driver-excavator. His many children simply explained: "I wanted a small, so the adopter, and now again his appeared." Home runs a family daycare from one of Zelenograd kindergarten, where Svetlana Parushev framed educator — a new form of state support for large families, solving the problem of pre-school education. The rest of the city does not always help: no gifts for the birth of the baby until the family has received, "we are even on Mother’s Day no one congratulated" — complained Svetlana. However, parents are optimistic and happy just — their greatest joy today Zelenograd arrived home from the hospital.

Subject Zelenograd large families repeatedly raised in publications — many of them are remarkable not only of children but of their active lifestyle. Often the parents of these families work in the field of education, and someone involved in educational experiments — for example, Slokva Love, Mom nine children, told me in the studio about how the "family day care center." His impressions of participation in the Festival Theatre shared family mothers of large families Zavidova Natalia and Tatiana Grigoryan. A year ago, in honor of Mother’s Day Moscow Mayor Sobyanin awarded "for public activities and the successful education of children" Natalia BUSYGIN, large mother of five from Zelenograd, a member of the club many mothers "Zelenograd"

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