In Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk region) started manufacturing equipment for digital broadcasting

In Zheleznogorsk began production equipment for digital broadcasting And equipment designed by our experts, the best foreign analogues. This business project is supported by the regional authorities and the Siberian Federal University.


From the traditional analog TV to digital Siberians left quite a bit. In 2013, the "figure" should embrace the whole Krasnoyarsk Territory. Broadband antenna capable of transmitting a digital signal is actively doing Zheleznogorsk the company "Prima Telecom".

JSC "Prima Telecom" — One of the leading Russian companies in the development and manufacture of antenna-feeder devices for radio and television and communication transmitting and receiving equipment of different frequency ranges, to supply equipment for broadcasting and communication, as well as the design, construction and operation of modern cable television systems.
This year, the company has mastered the production of equipment for digital broadcasting.

Irina RUMYANTSEV: "Today, we were able to watch on TV at least 5 channels on the TV tower to install five antennas. The new digital antenna can simultaneously transmit 24 channels at once "

The development of broadband antennas regional budget spent 11 million rubles. Today, they actively set in Primorye, Buryatia, Khakassia, Irkutsk and Volgograd regions, where the acquisition is a digital network.

Denis PASHKOV: "This budget efficiency will exceed the money that we will spend. Today, the company’s turnover — 200 million rubles, budget efficiency high "

Among Russian companies have Zheleznogorskaya "Prima" virtually no serious competition in the global market have to compete with the Italians. Even the joint tests with foreigners held by proving its superiority.

Nicholas Sciarrino: "Our antenna was on the characteristics better than the Italian, and cheaper. 20 — 30% "

On the edge of digitalization federal treasury allocates 5 billion. Zheleznogortsy hope that the equipment will provide the edge they.

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