In Zhytomyr armored plant innovate and optimize production

At the State Enterprise "Zhytomyr armored factory", which is part of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" develop and implement a new production of fire control systems.

This UNN director of the company Sergey Butenko.

"We work on the production of scientific organization, which is developing a new fire control system, and we give them the technique and the ability to carry out the tests. Example we now have developed a new fire control system" Triad "was previously" Tandem-2 "." Triad " managed from a single location, "Tandem" — with two. " It is mounted on the turret. Thanks to the "Triad" tank crews became more convenient to shoot the targets, "- said S.Butenko.

The Director noted that 98% of the production of the factory is production that is exported.

"98% of our business is export, and only 2% are orders the Defense Ministry. Thus, 92% of the production capacity of the plant is of military products, 8% economic purposes. Foreign contracts helps us to enter into state-owned company" Ukrspecexport, "- said the director of the company.

As previously reported UNN, the structure of the overall activities of the State Enterprise "Zhytomyr armored plant" 40% of the production of its own products.

Help: SOE "Zhytomyr armored plant" is a part of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom." The enterprise Company now closed cycle repair 18 types of vehicles, including infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, BRDM, BMD and BTRD various modifications. In addition, the company manufactures products of an economic purpose, among which the heat generators, plows, and also provides engine overhaul / agricultural machinery, etc.

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