Increase in gasoline prices led to a 20 percent increase in travel Finns in Leningrad region

Rising prices for gasoline increases the potential for Finns to go refuel in Russia.

As the portal, at a checkpoint in Imatra number of people crossing the border Finns increased by about 20%.

Despite the long lines, the Finns consider a trip for gasoline beneficial, as the center of Imatra to the nearest gas station in the Russian Svetogorsk, where gasoline is almost half cheaper than in Finland, only about five miles away. Now every item in Imatra border crossing almost a thousand Finns.

In this case, on the border-crossing point in Lappeenranta (Nuijamaa) similar trend is observed. The overwhelming majority of people crossing the border in paragraph Nuijamaa — is the Russian tourists, and the proportion of Finns is only a few percent.

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