Indastek mounted the first thousand of the foundations of the 500 kV Zeya HPP — Amur

In spite of the severe frosts group of companies "Indastek" in accordance with the schedule of the foundations has installed thousands of power lines in the construction and installation of the air line (VL) 500 kV "Zeya HPP — Amur".

Commenting on the progress of the construction, a representative of the Group of Companies "Indastek" Edward told Ananev: "Regardless of the weather, but now because the temperature is kept constant at the level below 40 degrees, the work goes on almost without interruption. The builders are doing everything necessary for the timely implementation of all commitments. According to the schedule completed two thirds of the way. During construction, it is established in 1347 transmission towers ».

During the construction of an overhead line Energostroitel installed 543 electric poles and 54 miles of wire.

During the work on the Zeya hydroelectric station will be renovated open distribution system (OS), 500 kV. At the intersection of 500 kV "Zeya HPP — Amur" with a navigable river Zeya "Indastek" perform special transmission construction, the length of which will be 2,275 meters long and towers — 99 meters. As the air temperature in winter in this area can reach 52 degrees below zero, wire, insulation and fittings in the transition will be performed in a reinforced version.

The completion of all construction activities planned for the fourth quarter of 2012. The total length of the line 500 kV "Zeya HPP — Amur" is 365 kilometers. Because of the difficult terrain on the track has 45 corners bend. On its way, the 500 "Zeya HPP — Amur" crosses the federal highway M-58 "Amur", the railway Moscow — Khabarovsk and Urca and the Zeya River.
Works are carried out in the framework of the project for the construction of 500 kV power bridge Zeya HPP — Amur — the state border with a total length of over 510 km. As a result of completion will be provided with the conditions for the issue of excess capacity in the energy sources of the Amur region of China.

The group of companies "INDASTEK" provides the full range of design and construction of electric power facilities of any complexity on the whole territory of Russia. Greater experience of the construction electrical substations, overhead and cable lines of various voltage class allows for a high-quality carrying wide range of jobs, from design, supply complete sets of equipment and materials to carry out the construction, installation and commissioning works.

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