India has developed a tablet with GLONASS

Indian supplier of GLONASS module for tablets "Sky Link" and decided to use it in their own similar devices. Output of the first tablet with GLONASS in India is expected around the same time as the Russian — at the end of 2011

In the Indian media reported that in September, the local company Olive Telecom, specializing in the manufacturing of mobile devices and modems, will release a new version of its tablet — OlivePad 2. According to the newspaper The Mobile Indian, with the same screen size at 7 inches new model will be thinner than its predecessor and will work on the basis of a more powerful processor and a newer version of the OS Android.

However, one of the most interesting characteristics of the claimed OlivePad 2, perhaps, be called the support of the Russian satellite navigation system GLONASS. Recall that this year, running the engineering model of its tablet showed the Russian GLONASS operator "Sky Link".

Director of Strategic Development "Sky Link" Ivan Sharkov told CNews, that support for GLONASS in their device in the tablet provides an integrated module that Olive Telecom has developed based on the chipset Qualcomm. The same module Olive Telecom, likely uses and its new device requires power shower.

In addition to satellite navigation module provides other communication features, such as, for example, CDMA and 3G, as representative says "Sky Link". "We are testing it with Olive Telecom and now expect them to the latest version of the module — says Sharkov. — When it is fully prepared and tested extensively, in fact, it can be integrated into any plates in the presence of such a desire from the manufacturers. "
Previously, "Sky Link" reported that it expects to withdraw its tablet with GLONASS market in Q4. 2011 According to a source familiar with the activities of Olive Telecom, due out in September OlivePad 2 without GLONASS, and the version of the tablet with the ability to navigate and the Russian satellite system — tentatively in November-December 2011, ie at about the same time as the expected commercial version of the tablet with GLONASS from "Sky Link".

In the most Olive Telecom did not have time to provide comments at the time of publishing. It should be noted that the company had previously announced plans to bring its first model of the tablet OlivePad the European market, but so far the device has been available only to local consumers. Does the company plan to output abroad OlivePad 2, is not specified.

It should be noted that some of the statements to date performance of the tablet with GLONASS Olive Telecom unit exceeds its Russian counterparts. For example, in OlivePad 2, according to Indian media, is expected processor with 1 GHz compared to 800 MHz in the plate "Sky Link" and a new version of the operating system Android. However, the real opportunity to compare both devices will be available only at the time of their release.

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