Indian Air Force assigned to the second batch of upgraded AN-32


September 19, 2011 SE "Plant 410 GA" gave Air India the second batch of five upgraded light transport aircraft An-32.

Transport group of five cars departed from Kiev to Kanpur immediately after the ceremony of transfer of aircraft to the customer. According to the Indian side, this contract was the largest contract the Indian Air Force in recent years.

By the end of 2011, the customer will have to pass five upgraded aircraft. The first five An-32 transferred to India in May. Asked by reporters about the views of the Indian side about the renovated first batch of An-32 aircraft, already operates in India, the air attaché of the Embassy of India in Ukraine Colonel Ashutosh Lal replied in the affirmative — "very good."
FAQ: The contract, worth about $ 400 million to repair and upgrade 105 machines AN-32 of Indian Air Force was signed in July 2009 between the Air Force of the Ministry of Defence of India and the company "Spetstehnoeksport." According to him, Ukraine will upgrade 40 aircraft, the remaining equipment — an aircraft factory Indian Air Force BRD-1 at Kanpur (North India). The executors of the contract are the "Antonov" and SE "Plant 410 HA."
As part of the modernization of the Indian aviation engineering at the modern equipment of the Ukrainian and foreign production of about 25 items that improve the safety, in particular, equipment, collision warning aircraft in the air early warning collision with the ground, satellite navigation systems, aircraft rangefinders, upgraded radio altimeters, new radar with two multifunctional indicators, new oxygen equipment, improved crew seats. Upgraded AN-32 will be able to land on category II ICAO. The consumption of fuel, empty weight of the upgraded aircraft will be significantly lower compared to the base case.
Easy to transport An-32 has a maximum payload of 7.5 tons, range — 800 km. Its cruising speed of 470-530 km / h The aircraft is capable of carrying 42 soldiers. According to experts, has sold more than 350 An-32 aircraft in 20 countries.

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