Indian summer Prahad Jani stumped doctors and scientists



76-year-old Indian Prahad Jani stumped doctors and scientists
25.11.03, the


76-year-old Indian Prahad Jani stumped doctors and scientists. He claims that for the past 68 years, does not eat, does not drink or defecate. Around Jani has already formed a small group of fanatical fans.

According to numerous requests from physicians, Prahad Jani agreed to a full medical examination at the hospital of Ahmedabad, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

400 doctors from the hospital Sterling Hospital has not been able to prove that Jani's lying. It looks like the doctors say, the man, dressed in a red sari and bangles hung, really had not eaten or drank for many years.

For 10 days Jani was under the continuous supervision of doctors. All his actions were recorded surveillance camera. Neurologist Sadhir Shah argues that Jani did not eat, drink or defecated all 10 days. However, the doctor said, about 68 years old he is still not sure.

Doctors emphasize that there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon, they can not give.

Gianni himself says that at the age of 8 years old, he heard a voice from heaven, and was "elected".

"In my sky opened a hole through which I get the elixir of life" — says Jani.

Dr. Dinesh Desai said that the next time the doctors will carefully check the patient's mouth to find out about what such a hole in the sky in question. "Maybe then we can get the answer," — said Desai.

Doctors took more than a year to get Jani tested. Now want to see the hermit specialists NASA. His experience can be very helpful for the astronauts.






































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