Indicator of the quality of the production structure — June 2012

All rukopozhatnye and nepolzhivye know that in Russia only develops oil and other raw materials. Indeed, if a substantial proportion of these new plants, which are written on Sdelanounas, compared with the export of crude oil?

Is there a good way to express the answer to this question is the number:

The "quality" of the structure of industrial production gives an idea of the ratio of total output the proportion of raw material extraction industries and primary processing, on the one hand, and shares a high degree of production processability, and other. The higher the bar, the higher the share of highly processed products. Decline in the indicator indicating the growing share of sectors of mining and primary processing of raw materials.

The trends of structural change in the industry

The intensity of structural change has increased dramatically during the most acute phase of the crisis, reaching a peak in November 2008, and then almost as sharply declined until July 2010. Then came the continued until May 2012 phase of minor fluctuations of the index in the range of values that are close to the characteristic of the period preceding the crisis of 2008 — 2009.

During the acute phase of the crisis, there was a significant decline in the indicator of "quality" of the structure of industrial production due to the drop in the intensity of production of products related to the higher stages technological conversion, there was a fairly rapid pace, while the issues of primary products or maintained at a stable level, or decreased in relatively lesser degree. Reaching the lowest level in January 2009, the "quality" of the structure began the systematic recovery in growth, which was interrupted by short periods of stop and a slight decline for several months. The last such decline took place from December 2011 to February 2012, so that the "quality" was to rise again until June 2012 due to the more rapid increase in the intensity of manufacturing industries in comparison with the activities related to mining and energy production.

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