Indonesia will buy 180 fighter Su for twenty years

The Ministry of Defence of Indonesia in the next twenty years is going to buy 180 Russian fighter brand "Su". On this, as reported by Jane’s Defence Weekly, Defense Minister Purnomo Yustiangoro Indonesia. According to him, these ten fighter squadrons will be formed, which will provide "protection of the sovereignty of the country."
Now armed with Indonesia are ten fighter brand "Su": two Su-30MK, three Su-30MK2 fighters, two Su-27SK and Su-three 27SKM. There are plans to upgrade the fighters to MC and SC versions MK2 and SCM. In mid-September 2010, it became known that the government of Indonesia intends to buy from Russia six more Su-30MK2.

Curiously, despite plans to purchase a large number of Russian fighters, Indonesia intends to save on training pilots. September 20, 2010 it was reported that the Indonesian Air Force turned to China with a request to send instructors to train Indonesian pilots Management Russian fighters Su-30. The reason for this step was the lack of funds to order a similar service in Russia.

Previously CEO of "dry" and "MiG" Mikhail Pogosyan said that in the next five years, "Dry" has delivered some 500 fighters. According to him, most of the combat aircraft will be delivered for export, while the Ministry of Defense of Russian contracts will receive only 150 fighters.

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