Industrial machinery expanding line of power

  • "Industrial machinery" expand the range of power


Group of companies "industrial machinery" expands the range of plants.

New diesel generators are designed for independent power supply facilities, particularly sensitive to the quality of energy.

Power plants based on the Japanese Mitsubishi engines supplemented low-power models — from 8 to 32 kilowatts. The first unit of the extended series ADMiTaifun in production. He will be working at the airport — to ensure continuous operation of the customs post.
The power plant of 30 kW will be part of the system of guaranteed power supply. It will set the container together with the uninterruptible power supply. UPS will take over the load in the first 15 minutes of a possible power outage, and then for the case automatically will undertake a diesel generator. It is able to operate without refueling up to 14 hours.

Total for the year is planned to supply customers with 100 units of this power range.

Earlier, the "PSM" is also manufactured diesel generators of low power based on imported British-made engines Perkinsot 10 kW motors and Belarusian MMW 12 kVt.Rasshirenie line based on Mitsubishi engines due to the effective European experience of reserve power supply, as well as consumer demand for their technically elaborate, but not overloaded sophisticated electronic systems design.

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