Industrial machinery manufactured diesel drives for 9

Azerbaijani oil

To "PSM" ("industrial machinery") has completed a new project for an oil company in Azerbaijan. Set of actuators replace outdated equipment on a drilling platform in the Caspian Sea and extend overall battery life.

  • Actuator PSM
  • Actuator PSM

Set of 9 actuators, designed to modernize the oil rig, will provide all of its business processes: three drives mounted on the rotor and the winch rig, the other supply pumps.

The company also completed their installation and commissioning on site. The new drives are equipped with an automatic timing system, thanks to which the oil companies do not have to manually reconcile their work. The guaranteed life of the drives from this manufacturer before the overhaul will be at least 30,000 hours. The consumption of fuel oil and they are several times lower than the samples that were set on the drilling platform above.

Cooperation with Azerbaijan is one of the priority areas for export "PSM" and is from 2010. Overall, the share of foreign supplies up to 7%, and for 5 years, the company plans to increase it to 20%.

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