Industrial output growth in Russia slowed to 2%

Industrial production growth slowed to 2% by the end of September, according to Rosstat.

The annual value growth was also 2% in August after rising by 2.1%. The annual value in July was equal to 3.4% in June — 1.9% in May — 3.7% in April — 1.3% in March — 2%, 6.5% in February and 3.8 % in January.

Meanwhile, the results were worse than forecast by economists. In January-September 2012, industrial production rose by 2.9% year-on value. In September last year, the annual growth of industrial production value reached 3.9% in January-September 2011 — 5.2%.

Analysts believe that the slowdown due to seasonal and calendar factors. With the exception of seasonal and calendar factors, the growth of industry in September was 0.7% against the data of August. In August, a decline of 0.7%. In July, there was an increase of 0.8%, and in June, growth was zero.

To date, the industry has seen a "swing": a period when every month the situation may change, and there is not a stable trend. This situation means that the industry is in a state of transition between stagnation and short stature.

Manufacturing output in September increased by 3.3% in annual terms in January-September — by 4.5%. In the field of mining in September recorded an increase of 1.8% in the first 9 months — 1.0%.

I would like to pozhchekrnut Production vyraslo January-September 2012g.v% compared to January — September 2011.

Coal-107, 4%

Meat and edible offal of slaughtered animals, tons — 107.8%

Meat and edible offal of poultry, Mt -116.3%

Meat preparations (myasosoderzha-ing) frostbitten and frozen, million tons — 15%

Sunflower oil and its fractions, Mt — 182%

Cars, 114.2%

Buses 138.4%

Electricity TWh * hr (773) 101%

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