Industrial robot domestic construction

Industrial robot manipulator Gelios 20 — 6 anthropomorphic robot domestic power structure with domestic management system and a payload of 20 kg.

Gelios 20 is designed to control the spatial position of workpieces and tools as part of the process, such as: laser welding of complex three-dimensional structures of thin metal sheet, and plasma arc welding metal workpieces up to 20 kg, handling, loading or unloading.

The advantages of using Gelios 20: fairly quick payback, with the exception of the human factor on the assembly-line production, as well as during monotonous work requiring high precision, increasing the accuracy of the technical operations and as a result, improve the quality, rational use of production facilities, with the exception of exposure to harmful factors Staff in industries with increased risk.

Gelios 20
Gelios 20

Key Features:


— Payload of 20 kg                

— An additional burden on the third link of 35kg

The number of degrees of mobility: 6

Mounting Option: Outdoor Weight (approx.): 365 kg

The type of kinematics: Anthropomorphic

Maximum repeatability error: ± 0,5 mm

Maximum reach the hands of the 1st axis: 1576 mm

Flange Tool: DIN / ISO 9409-1-A100

The angles of rotation degrees of mobility:

1st — 350 °

2nd — 30 °, +90 °

3rd — ± 61 ° 30 ‘

4th — ± 350 °

5th — ± 130 °

6th — ± 360 °


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