Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation commissioned the development of the new armor

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has announced a competition for the development of production technology armor of fibrous materials for different types of equipment. Creates new armor for armored personnel carriers, reconnaissance and patrol vehicles and trucks "Kamaz" and "Ural". Development work will be conducted under the code "Armor-BE."

According to the tender documents, the new armor should:

  • be a plate of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene, which will be part of a composite hull and reservations mine bottoms;
  • withstand hit military laser, armor-piercing bullets 12.7 millimeters at a distance of 300 meters and a capacity of explosion eight kilograms of TNT;
  • for 15 seconds to withstand flames ten watts of power per square centimeter, the light pulse with an energy of 42 joules per square centimeter in one second and the laser power 42 watts per square centimeter for 25 seconds; withstand the aggressive influence of fuel, sea water, UV and a temperature of minus 50 to 70 degrees Celsius;
  • be at least 1/3 lighter than other types of reservations.


The first prototypes started the project "Armor-BE," according to the contest, should be available by June 2014.

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