Industry experts discussed the issues of information security in the situation centers


Security and stability of mission-critical information systems — the situation centers and other large-scale IT systems — participants discussed the scientific and practical conference "Security of transport infrastructure", which was held at the International Forum "Security and Safety — Sfitex» in St. Petersburg.
The central themes of the discussion were the requirements for information systems and the risks associated with their creation and operation, according to the portal SPBIT. As noted by industry experts, the protection of data in large-scale information systems, and kiberustoychivost otkazoustoychiovst data center — a question of national importance, as the basis for management decisions is information. During the discussion, particular attention was paid to the necessity of gradual withdrawal from imported software and hardware base for the development of domestic technologies for situational centers.
Ensure completeness, accuracy and security of information — a key principle of the situation center created by Russian system integrator RIC-Systems in the interests of the Administration of Krasnodar. Automated system for situational center, accumulating data from various urban subsystems that control the state of the industry, infrastructure and social facilities of the city, allows you to objectively assess the socio-economic situation, make informed management decisions and monitor their implementation in normal mode and in crisis situations.
20th International Forum "Security and safety — Sfitex» — the largest event in North-Eastern Europe, on the site where the leading domestic and foreign companies present latest equipment in the field of security. One of the highlights of the Forum — the scientific-practical conference "Security of transport infrastructure", where industry experts discuss the issues of transportation security, development and operation of information systems, legal and regulatory.

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