Inflation in Russia has slowed down to a minimum 20 years


Inflation in Russia in 2011 slowed to the lowest level since 1991 at 6.1 percent, the Federal Statistics Service said, confirming its preliminary assessment.

"In December, the consumer price index was 100.4% for the period from the beginning of the year — 106.1%, the lowest level since 1991 (December 2010 — 101.1%, for the period from the beginning of the year — 108.8 %) ", — told the Rosstat. Accordingly, the cost of the minimum food basket in Russia on average for the year 2011 decreased by 6.1%. Per 1 month food basket valued at 2,419 rubles.

The minimum cost of the food basket in December was registered in the Kursk region — one thousand 971 rubles. In second place was the Saratov region, in which the able-bodied man (so at least assure sociologists) can be fed for a month to two thousand rubles and 1 penny. It is interesting that Moscow does not become a leader in high cost. The cost of the capital’s basket at the end of December was 2 828.7 thousand rubles. But the people of Chukotka, no luck. Here, the minimum set of food costs to local residents in the 6 thousand 533 thousand rubles.

Meanwhile, the decline in inflation in 2011, experts first of all explain the good harvest against the dry summer of 2010, which led to a significant drop in prices for fruit and vegetables and cereals. As a result, the growth rate of prices in general food prices in 2011 slowed down more than 3 times compared with 2010, while the prices of non-food goods and services in 2011 grew even more rapidly.

As analysts predict that next year will grow slightly and inflation will be 6.6%. In the beginning of 2012 the annual inflation rate will continue to decline due to the transfer of the basic tariff indexation on 1 July, and in the II half of the year will start to grow.

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