Inflation in Russia in 2011 reached a record low


In 2011, inflation in Russia was 6.1 percent, a historic low for the country. This is stated in the official press release from Rosstat. Office stresses that data on consumer prices — are preliminary.

In December 2011 the inflation rate, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, was 0.4 percent. Thus, this year, managed to avoid a significant rise in prices in December, which is associated with an increase in consumer activity before the holidays, as well as outlay organizations: they usually do not want to bear the cost of the next fiscal year.

The previous record was set on inflation in 2009 and 2010 — then the prices have increased by 8.8 percent. Prior to that, the growth rate of prices in Russia were regularly double-digit. Lower inflation contributed to a number of factors, including a good harvest and the ongoing turmoil in the global economy, which does not allow consumption to grow rapidly.

The Russian government considers reducing inflation one of their main tasks. By 2014, officials plan to reduce it to 4.5 percent. However, even with this level of inflation is much higher than in most developed countries.

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