Information technologies in medicine, BARS Group presented a comprehensive approach to health informatics

The group of companies "BARS Group" participated in the annual conference and exhibition dedicated "Information technologies in medicine."

The report "BARS Group" has been dedicated to building cloud Regional Public Health segment of the subject of the Russian Federation. Participants were presented with information systems for health care, which ensure a solution of the complex problems: better management of health care, improving the quality of care, increase awareness about healthy lifestyles, etc.


Information Stand "BARS Group" has attracted the attention of specialists not only for its brilliance, but also ruler of decisions are fundamentally different from the other participants. It was presented complex "BARS.Web-Health", a comprehensive solution for the informatization of health of the subject of the Russian Federation.


Information systems comprising a set of "BARS.Web-Health" to automate all areas of health care facilities, provide an opportunity to make an appointment and examination by the informants and the Internet allow you to monitor the work of health care facilities in the MMI system to collect and analyze information about the equipment of medical institutions computer technology, as well as automate processes in the territorial mandatory health insurance funds.

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