Information warfare-West Russia over enemy number one

Russia — a very aggressive state in the eyes of the West. This follows from the ranking in 2013 Global Peace Index ("Rating peacefulness of the world"), who presented The Institute for Economics and Peace (Institute of Economics of the World) Russia took 155th place among 162 countries participating rating. Peaceable us was even … North Korea, which is located above the stitching — to 154-m site. Short List of Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Afghanistan. 

That is what has been criticized Russian experts The Institute for Economics and Peace:

— An increase in military spending;

— Increase in the number of victims of armed conflict in the North Caucasus;

— A high level of political violence and criminal activity among the population;

— Russia is a leading manufacturer and exporter of the major weapons in the global arms market.

In short, we — the country of evil.

But who belongs to the countries of the peacekeepers. Tops the list, Iceland, Denmark, New Zealand, Austria and Switzerland — these issues do not arise. But then it is difficult to understand the logic of the rankings.

For example, the 19th place went to Qatar. However, according to the newspaper Financial Times, is a "peace-loving" state only during the period from April 2012 to March 2013 invested in the war against Syria over $ 3 billion. 70 cargo flights with arms and ammunition for the armed terrorist groups have been organized by Qatar to Turkey, where weapons-fighters had to be moved, "the opposition." Qatar, in addition, provides every Syrian deserter and his family "care package" of $ 50,000 dollars per year. A Syrian military units to Qatar fought in Libya against Gaddafi. But that does not stop analysts The Institute for Economics and Peace consider Qatar almost a model of peacefulness.

The United Arab Emirates is also classified as peace-loving — 36 th place in the ranking. Although in the past, this "peacemaker" in the person of the Dubai Police General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, threatened to attack military targets Iran if the Islamic republic will not give up its claims to a group of uninhabited islands in the Persian Gulf.

44 th and 53 th place in the ranking took the United Kingdom and France. The Institute for Economics and Peace does not care that the two countries involved in the war in Afghanistan, plus keep military forces in Mali, to get their hands thence uranium and gold mines (gold ore reserves of Mali is the third largest in Africa).

Finally, the United States — the main military power in the world, without which no cost, no significant conflict in the world — took quite peaceful in the ranking 99 th position.

Experts The Institute for Economics and Peace claim that Global Peace Index 2013 — Index is calculated on an objective and reasonable criteria (22 indicators, grouped in three areas — the presence and extent of internal and international conflicts, the level of stability within the state, the level of militarization). But in general, it seems that the West deliberately creates an enemy of Russia. Why is it done?

— We live in an era of a new type of warfare — information and psychological — is convinced Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, former Chief of the Main Directorate for International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense, now president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems. — These go to war every minute, as geopolitical confrontation powers not gone anywhere. Russia to the West — one of the main opponents. The tasks in the information-psychological war put almost the same as in the ordinary — to weaken the state, and it is better to divide it or destroy it. Opponents of constantly attacking Russia. Torpedoed its image, history, political system, so that we could be proud of their country — in this case, we are not going to defend it. These actions have a political order, so institutions like The Institute for Economics and Peace will calculate anything.

Rating Global Peace Index, among other things, helps to raise the rating of the true aggressors that undermine international security system, launch wars and organize a "color" revolution. It is, first of all, the United States and Western Europe. In fact, these ratings are themselves bleach.

For information and psychological war to be prepared and carry out appropriate counterinsurgency. But the main thing — Russia must choose their own path. The Western community kicks us because Russia does not have its own project development, it does not know what he wants. The trouble is that the power of our very little gray, and, apparently, unable to offer such a project …

— Place of Russia in Global Peace Index partly understandable — the president of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis, Alexander Konovalov. — We do respect the power factors in politics, Russia has adopted a large-scale rearmament program. Plus, we have a high crime rate. According to these indicators, we can not objectively be in the first half of the rankings.

However, one can argue with the estimates in respect of Qatar and the UAE — that their actions related to rigid and tense situation in the Arab world. Or take our neighborhood in the ranking of North Korea — a country that does not recognize any of the rules, and that is an order of magnitude more aggressive Russia. I think that when an objective assessment of Russia would rise up a few dozen positions.

In my view, the way we are perceived in the Global Peace Index, reflects an important factor. Rating shows that Russian society has accumulated a huge stock of negative energy, ready to burst out from even a small impact. 155th place reflects our willingness to act by force — both in society and in foreign policy. This shows the structure of power and aggressive aggressiveness relationship between the citizen and the state. In this sense, the Global Peace Index is quite objective.

— The index evaluates primarily the state of society in Russia, — says historian and journalist Andrew scab. — Let’s say Iraq was in the tail, not because someone threatens or invades another’s territory. In Iraq, there is a civil war, plus the intervention. The same can be said about Afghanistan.

In general, estimates of Global Peace Index is present bias, and not American, and European style. A striking example of this kind of bias — the award Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, when the United States led the two wars outside its own territory, and that Obama is the commander of the U.S. Army. In other words, in the Global Peace Index is a heavy dose of hypocrisy.

It is true that there are objective factors for the low valuation of peacefulness Russia. In the Caucasus, we have come sporadic acts of violence that are not even a full-scale internal war spoils the picture. Another point — our military spending, which is really great.

In general, the attitude towards modern Russia — a legacy of the Cold War. A measure such as Global Peace Index, are used to guide public opinion in the West. On the other hand, the rating we were surrounded by countries that are somewhat independent of the West. Afghanistan is the same — if not to take a puppet government in Kabul — the West did not comply. How not to submit to Iraq and North Korea.

Therefore 155th place Russia can be regarded as positive. It turns out, the West still thinks we are an independent country, despite the fact that in the economic sphere, we are in a subordinate position to him. In fact, Global Peace Index -2013 — it is a recognition of our independence.

— In th
e West, has developed a very definite image of Russia — a country of aggressive, ignorant, ready to help rogue states — says the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on International Affairs, the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Leonid Kalashnikov. — So 155th place in the Global Peace Index does not surprise me. Along with objective measures of the index takes into account the weight of subjective assessments that make it possible to thrust Russia into the very end of the list.

Global Peace Index — not only an additional argument in the treasury of Russo-phobia in the West. These ratings are used indirectly and in making political decisions. For example, they are accounted for by the European Commission on Human Rights, other institutions of Europe and the United States. Through these channels data Global Peace Index migrate to higher international bodies — such as the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

In my opinion, today the image of Russia in the West, is deteriorating. This is due to the fact that in Russia have become more aware of how destructive for the country was the 1990s — the years — the years of rapprochement with the West. Our insight West had no taste …

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