Ingots of precious metals in the form of pendants from battery

"Transstroibank" (ZAO).

Bank "Transstroibank" (ZAO) hurry to please their customers upgrade assortment of gifts of precious metals. In the Russian market Transstroibank is the exclusive provider of collection of pendants in the form of ingots of gold and silver, the Swiss series "ICONS skins collection. "  

Bullion in the form of pendants — is a unique precious little gift for any occasion or celebration. In this unusual souvenir a superb addition to be nice to please the eye.

.9999 Gold bullion and silver 999 series «ICONS skins collection» in the form of pendants are the latest innovation of the world’s leading jewelery industry of the Swiss company «PAMP». On the pendants are images of exotic skin of animals: leopard, crocodile, stingray, cobra and zebras, which were selected for the collection of British artist Glenn Brown.

The kit is coming off a bar-pendant attached to it and a black silk cord. Cast-pendant is in a clear plastic box. Lace in a gift bag of purple organza. Set is sold in its original cardboard box from the company «PAMP».

According to the tradition of «PAMP» on the reverse of each coin has a stamp of authenticity. Ingots are also accompanied by a certificate confirming the authenticity of the product.

Cost pendants listed on the site description page,
buy bullion-pendants can be in one of Moscow offices

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