Innovation and small business Yaroslavl region

Innovation and business standards will form the basis of development of small business.

Business life Yaroslavl region in September of 2011 was marked by powerful and very promising ending. Held on the last day of the month in Rybinsk Annual Meeting of the Council for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises governor called "a landmark."


— Three years ago, we gathered in this hall — said Sergey Vahrukov, referring to the 70 members of the audience korsoveta. — And talked about changing the system approaches to small businesses in the region. It makes sense to draw some preliminary results for the period. Made by no means all that we would like, but there are positive results, and they are seriously affected by the general economic conditions in our area.
Governor cited figures speak for themselves. The share of small and medium-sized businesses in the gross regional product, we have almost a quarter — 23 percent. One-fifth of all able-bodied Yaroslavl working in small businesses. Among the regions of the Russian Yaroslavl region — one of the undoubted leaders. According to the advances made in the development of small businesses in the Central Federal District, we take pride third place. Ahead of only Moscow and Moscow region.
Such a rate of doing real weather Deputy Governor Igor Elfimova: we are able to achieve parity, the separation between the economic potential of large-scale production and small businesses 50 to 50. This ratio makes the economy virtually immune to the global financial crisis, which is likely to be repeated.


— I am convinced that we have serious prospects of increasing the share of small businesses in gross regional product, — said Sergey Vahrukov. — And, of course, a large reserve for the growth of the number of employees in small businesses. To do this, we will create all the necessary conditions.
Are the best proof of the growing volume of funds allocated by the regional government to support small and medium-sized businesses. In the past, assistance has reached an unprecedented level by regional standards — 280 million rubles. But this year, under the program "Development of small and medium-sized enterprises of the Yaroslavl region", it increased by nearly 40 percent, to 400 million.
However, the load on the regional budget is gentle, much of this is almost astronomical sum — federal money that came to the region as a result of the negotiations and intelligently creating compelling regional target programs and projects.
Thus, MAS NW "Business Incubator" to entrepreneurs advice and legal support and providing them with premises under the preferential rent, helping in every possible way to get up, paid off in full: filled to 100 percent, and willing to devote themselves more and more small businesses.
There is a burst of activity — in 2011, small businesses issued for 40 million credit. This amount far exceeds the total loans immediately after the past two years, and says that the loans have become more affordable, and hope for the success of business grew.
Not left on the sidelines and the eternal problem — the lack of qualified personnel. To work specifically in the area of small business trained more than 700 people.
Despite all the tax breaks, small and medium business for only 8 months of 2011, listed in the regional treasury of more than 800 million rubles in taxes, and the New Year holidays, this amount probably tipped the scales at a billion.
Of course, the path of the entrepreneur is not strewn with roses. Tax increase, especially social, has created serious difficulties for Russian small businesses. The regional government and the regional Duma lawmakers argued tirelessly destructiveness of such a tax policy and were heard: most likely in the next year, many federal taxes will be adjusted in the interests of small businesses and the middle class.
But that did not happen as the proverb "As long as the sun will rise, dew eyes vyest ‘, without improving the situation above, the region continues to increase its support. In today’s rapidly changing world, for not always experienced entrepreneurs is often more valuable than financial counseling assistance. Our businessmen can get it not only in Yaroslavl, but in the six municipalities of business support centers: Myshkin, Poshehone, Danilov, Gavrilov-Yam, Nekrasov and Bolsheselsky areas. During 2012, the whole area is guaranteed to be covered by a network of counseling centers.
— We need to make sure that in the Yaroslavl region, regardless of whether it Yaroslavl, Rybinsk, Breytovo or large village — anywhere you can have a guaranteed lowest level registration procedure approvals, land allocation. It must be defined in the standard and implemented regardless of the activity or lack of certain municipal employees — the vector of Sergei Vahrukov. — I suggest that we all actively involved in the drafting and implementation of a business standard.
The seriousness of the second core segment of the regional policy on small and medium-sized businesses — the development of innovative small business is the fact that the meeting of the Coordinating Council was not a theoretical exercise, and took place simultaneously with the II Regional Cooperation Forum. The forum worked Exchange subcontracts — especially practical body with a portfolio of proposals worth 220 million rubles, with cabins for confidential business meetings.
— Exchange of subcontracts — a place where entrepreneurs can "feel the demand", a new chain of interactions within the cluster is working, — said Deputy Governor Igor Elfimov. — The regional government will spare no effort and will do that next year at this exchange appeared foreign companies.
The forum includes seminars, "round tables", the exhibition business. All of them offer not consumer goods, and parts and components that are in demand in strategically important industries.
Regional program of modernization and innovative development of industry in the 2011 — 2013 years, is already operating, but participants Coordinating Board, recognizing the need for a more dynamic development of the region, decided to establish a center of innovation.
It will consider the idea of Yaroslavl Kulibin and assist in bringing them to the stage where they are able to be interested in large organizations, funding innovation, "RUSNANO", RBC Foundation Bortko. Now the government has already filed 300 applications to be considered by CIR. It is expected that the number will increase to 2,000.

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