Innovation in nuclear energy. OKBM, Nizhny Novgorod

Commercials for a contest of Russian industrial companies. Nizhny Novgorod plant of "OKBM" is engaged in the development of projects in the nuclear industry for almost 70 years, many developing Russian companies have no analogues in the world, for example, the creation of floating nuclear power plants to operate in the Arctic, Far North, East Siberia and the Far East. Innovation and development in the energy industry are important today as ever. People continue to look for a replacement energy sources such as coal, oil and gas. Enjoying an interesting movie about the newest projects in a complex, high technology and important for the development of Russian industry, as nuclear energy.


Photo video. Roller under the cut!



Brief information about the company:

Company name: JSC "Experimental Design Bureau of Machine-Building named after II Africantov "(JSC" OKBM ").
Date of establishment of the enterprise in 1945
Place of business: Nizhny Novgorod.
Industry: nuclear engineering.
The main types of products:
— complex development and nuclear steam power plants (water-water, gazohlazhdaemyh, fast reactors) for different purposes;
— equipment for nuclear power and petrochemical plants and oil refining, shipbuilding, chemical, food and other industries: circulation pumps, valves, heat transfer equipment, electro-mechanical actuators control and protection systems, compressors, blowers, fans, air handling units.

Total number of employees 4,400 people., Of which 30% of young people.

Major advances enterprise:
1. Create fast reactors for Beloyarsk
2. Create multiple generations of reactors for nuclear-powered icebreakers and ships of the Navy,
3. Creation of Small and Medium power to regional and floating nuclear power plant (the first floating NPP construction in St. Petersburg).





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