Innovation VSMPO for the aerospace industry

Possiysky titanium producer — Corporation "VSMPO" in 2012 developed a number of innovations that will be needed aerospace industry, a major consumer products company. In recent years, the share of contracts with aircraft manufacturers is 65-70% of the portfolio of the corporation.

So, was patented process for the production of skull in a vacuum arc furnace bullion electrodes from refractory highly reactive metals and titanium alloys used in aerospace engineering and shipbuilding. This invention allows to reduce manufacturing costs ingots electrodes by reducing the complexity and increasing metal yield.

Furthermore, the "VSMPO" has developed a new method of manufacturing blanks of wide hollow fan blades of the turbine engine deformable metal and alloy forging method.

Was also patented a new method for manufacturing thin sheets of psevdotitanovyh alloys by cold rolling. The corporation said that these plates can be used in the aerospace industry, as well as in the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, medicine and other areas of the economy.

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