Innovation will allow young scientists trimmed waste water and at the same time receive plant-based


An interesting development of young scientists of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University (Arkhangelsk) will not only produce the advanced treatment of wastewater, but also to receive plant-based for bank stabilization ponds, the device buffer areas and reclamation of landfills.

The device for the purification of waste water, for which the patent is a system of parallel channels extending in peat deposits. Through these channels, domestic waste water get into the abductor peat reservoirs located below where they are going and then diverted to the already reset. In innovation, the property of peat act as an adsorbent for a number of substances, including nitrates and nitrites are useful for plant growth. Thus, purifying waste water enriched peat itself becomes great and plant substrates having a wide range of applications. Water filtration occurs through the walls of the channels passing through the thickness of the peat.

The work performed by Ilya Telminova and Maria Korzovoy led by Alexander Nevzorov, head of the Department of Engineering Geology, bases and foundations.

Also Ilya Telminova and Ludmila Veshnjakova led Arcadia Eisenstadt, head of the Department of Environment and construction of composite materials. And Alexander Nevzorov, developed an apparatus that allows you to simultaneously determine the adsorption and filtration properties of the soil.

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