Innovations from Russia approved test system for osteoporosis

Diagnostic kit "Osteogenic M" production of scientific and industrial
of "gene" in March 2011 after the completion of the examinations, received a registration certificate Roszdravnadzor.
Previously, the test system has also received the CE mark — a sign of the quality of the European Union, which allows its use in Europe.

Representatives of the Russian Association for osteoporosis are convinced of the need for mass screening and prevention of osteoporosis, otherwise the amount that the state spends on the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with osteoporotic fractures every year will only grow.

The use of a diagnostic kit "osteogenic M" can at any age, well before the start of the process of intensive reduction of bone density, to identify people with a genetic predisposition to osteoporosis and its prevention in time to start.

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