Innovative Bioenergy


The Governor of the Vladimir Region Nikolai Vinogradov opened the biogas plant to enterprise "Mortadel" in the Alexander area.

"Essentially, Vladimir region — the first region in Russia, where a pig-breeding company introduced a level of equipment — said N.Vinogradov — Operation bionergeticheskoy unique setting — a breakthrough in the development of the domestic livestock industry."

Biogas plant — equipment from a number of new technologies. It converts organic waste into biogas, and subsequently — to electricity. Pig manure, entering the special daydzhestery undergoes a fermentation process, resulting in the release biogas. Every day the station produces 3.4 thousand cubic meters of biogas, which is converted to a 150-160 kW of electricity, accounting for half of all electricity consumed in a day now. Fermented manure is converted into compost and water. The compost is used to fertilize the fields of their own feed and put up for sale. Water after treatment is used for the needs of the enterprise.
Thus, a universal closed economy, in which the processing of waste at the same time solves two major problems — provides environmentally friendly production and significantly increases its cost-effectiveness.

Ltd. "Mortadel" — one of the leaders of the meat processing industry in Russia. The company "Mortadel" started construction of pig farm in Alexander’s district in July 2005. Currently, the complex there are 7 modules with a total production of meat in live weight of more than 8,000 tons per year. The project envisages the construction of 22 units with a closed-cycle breeding pigs, thus achieving a performance of 30 thousand tons of pork. In the construction of Alexander’s company uses the most modern materials, introducing the world’s best technology of growing and fattening pigs. Production processes are fully automated and controlled by the most advanced robotics. Construction of a biogas plant — one of the most important stages of innovative equipment company.

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