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Energy plays a leading role in developing many regions of the Russian Federation. We talk about businesses that not only provide the supply of equipment, but also take an active part in the modernization and construction of new energy facilities. Leading position in the country and in the world in this segment of the market is confident Holding Company "Elektorozavod." Established in 1928, the Moscow "Electrozavod" in the first five years provided electrification and industrialization of the country. From the distant pre-war years to the present day the company develops and manufactures a variety of power equipment. In the design and manufacture of many products holding company has no competitors. Questions answered, CEO of the holding company "Electrozavod" Leonid Makarevich.

  • General Director of "Electrozavod" LV  Makarevich
  • General Director of "Electrozavod" LV Makarevich

How do you assess the past year? It you had a hard enough light, or vice versa?

There are no heavy or light years. Sometimes different attitude to what you’re doing. For me it is important not so much the number of events per year, as many as the end result and quality made. We have witnessed a milestone event, we finished a complete redesign of the industrial complex in Moscow. Actually built a new wholly-owned innovative production. This decision is one of the global challenges we have set ourselves 10-12 years ago. I want to remind you that our company in recent years, annual rents in the operation of the plant. In 2009 launched the Ufa transformer factory in 2010 formed a joint venture Moskabel — Electrozavod. In 2011 graduated from the Moscow factory, he became a huge complex within the old company. We have kept all of Moscow’s production site, and also purchased the neighboring territory of former factories MELZ and ATE. On the agenda of a huge plan for the modernization of a "neighborhood" almost in the center of the capital.

But your influence is felt on the whole East District.

At the district? No, still more on our "quarter", which used to be part of Moscow Electrozavod, ATE, MELZ. And today we have a serious … just grand plans for the development of the territory. We are preparing the concept. In October last year, our new Moscow visited the set of the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin. He praised our work. The team reported that we were able to bring over the past 5 years the capital. We list: First, set up about a thousand new jobs — in view of the new production, institutions, engineering and service centers. Second, the order of five billion rubles of budget revenues of the city in the form of taxes. Note that this is not a one way road. And it’s not happening because Moscow has provided direct support to us, but because we were participants in all programs for the construction and commissioning of the capital’s power capacity. All of this landmark event.

Are you satisfied with the new plant? Get what you wanted?

It turned out even better than we dreamed. When starting out, did not expect much because the requirements have changed, the position — nothing stands still. Power plant growing, new technologies, including information. In the design and during construction, we used the latest achievements of world producers.

Going back to the beginning of the conversation, I must say, the last year we have worked quite well and the volume and order fulfillment. In particular the FGC decided several interesting problems, and we continue to actively cooperate with them. These problems are connected with programs to extend the life of power equipment, ensuring energy security operated facilities.

Today, our work is based on the signed long-term agreements with our major energosetivymi corporations.

You spend and scientific development of these programs, and then to implement it yourself?

Naturally that one year is not all. We have identified a number of promising applications. For example, last year released and sent new equipment for the construction of generating capacity of the Kalinin nuclear power plant. No need to explain that this is a unique object. CSF has shown how it is possible and necessary work. We have designed, manufactured and supplied more than 40 units of power equipment. There were a lot of concerns. Ordering is extremely serious, it took to produce dozens of heavy-duty transformers, some of which have been produced in Russia for the first time.

Through cooperation, we signed an agreement to develop a range of innovative products, for example, such as gas-insulated transformers that can not afford to make each country.

Yes, they can be counted on the fingers: Germany, Korea, America.

I do not know whether to Americans because we have in mind the powerful gas-insulated transformers. We have entered into such an agreement and an intellectual in the field of GIS. In short, a lot of interesting developments, which in the near future will have our engineers. All this was made possible thanks to the strong in-house research and production base which we have been able to concentrate on the holding.

You went up a notch.

Absolutely right. I can say that today we are one of the few companies that sells the world of technology. UPDATE. We continue to cooperate with India and China in the field of high voltage. Unfortunately, in Russia topic has not claimed, however, we do not believe that we should stay away. EHV our designers, our transformer Institute in Kiev has been doing for years. In both India and China continue such work.

I must say that we are one of the few companies in the world that offers technologies, software design and manufacturing of power equipment. This fact means a lot. I have more to say on these technologies are in demand. And yet, we do not give all these technologies. As a matter of fact, the situation is also such a sign.

If you go back to the beginning of the conversation, in hindsight, that seems the most interesting, important and difficult.

In connection with the launch of our Moscow factory, I would say that, first of all — it is his today’s internal and external aesthetics, technology and manufacturing strength. It is important that we are all controlled, all displayed, technologically so reduced, in real time, you can keep track of any process. The program to deliver the plant is completed. It is especially important that the Moscow complex did not stop for a single day. For the solution of this problem is enormous work the whole team.

Now, with hindsight, if you look at the amount of work done over 15 years, we can say that the most difficult part was to start with a clean slate, and even on existing production … If I had this problem now re-set, I would say that easier to build a new plant!

What’s new in the line of products?

We have a huge product range of products — more than 3.5 thousand products. For example, there are products to 20 kV, which in Russia is practically not available. It turned out to be very marketable. Now this voltage class is very developed in the capital. Sergei Sobyanin was with us and at the Ufa factory and saw our potential. To his credit, that as soon as he was appointed by the mayor, at a meeting of the city government decided to support "Elektrozavod" in terms of capacity development of our company. When the new complex in Moscow was ready, the mayor came immediately. We are encouraged by the mayor and the understanding of all the services of our urban problems, and — even
more — the support in the form of orders. It is clear that such an enterprise like ours, can not participate in development projects in Moscow. Again — this jobs and taxes, and as you can see, the issues of ecology.

Today, we understand what to build and what to produce. And in what amounts — it’s the second question — will depend on the development of the city from financial investments in the energy sector.

When we met with you last time, you said that the Ufa plant — it is your primary goal.

No, say that this is the main problem I could not, one of the problems! I am personally very upset when people say that nothing is built in this country over the last 10-15 years. A few days ago I watched the debates of our politicians. And there’s one of the presidential candidates, who, by the way, has repeatedly been in Ufa, saying that there is no modern factories and that "nothing is being done." I know exactly how many new businesses built only in our industry. This Moskabel that completely rebuilt the plant, Mosizolyator launched a new factory in the suburbs. Why this silence? Only our company has built three power engineering giant. Why do not say out loud? Do not write in capital letters? These plants have appeared in the last 10-15 years due to the fact that the Russian government and the government of the regions adopted the task of modernization of energy facilities. And they have not just happen. Need to talk about it.

I want to say to Mr. Zyuganov: "You were in Ufa. You could not see our factory. Why did you say that you did not built a single plant? "I declare:" What do you say — it’s a lie! Over the past few years, our company has built only three plants. I invite you to visit them. "

And for those 12-15 years of power industry has changed dramatically.

Oh, and let’s say that, too. Everyone remember, I hope, as we did before, and how it all began. You can not say that the development industry has not sent money. Suffice it to calculate how much money is invested in energy! Trillions! That kind of money has never invested in the whole history! Why does this need to be silent? We often forget the power to speak words of gratitude. And they say it is necessary. You can even call the article "What power gave" Electrozavod "for 12 years?" And list.


Tell us about the plans for the current year.

It is definitely a start of a new transformer factory in Kiev. This is one of the most powerful plants that will be in our constellation. We will launch it in 2012-2013. It takes into account all the nuances of the problems that we had, and we know — all of our experience. Now that all the construction works, is an installation of process equipment.

How do you plan your business in a broad sense?

Today we have our money invested in the investment program, and if we consider the acquisition of financial, stock, it is 16.5 billion rubles. This is the data on 1 December 2011. This money is everything: our profit, our profitability, all of our revenues that we received during the holding. They invested in the production, science, people. Now they go on giving. Starts working investment program to expand the volume of production output at the sites: at Ufa, Moscow area, and in the future at a factory in Kiev.

I talked to the machine builders, they complain that they do not have the program for at least 5 years, they can not, for example, the output of turbines plan.

There are different situations. For example, contrary to FSK. They received RAB-rate and they have a five-year development program there. And that VV Putin said at a meeting on the development of power engineering, which he carried out, insisted on the introduction of RAB-tariffs. In turn, the board of directors approved the FGC, and then signed long-term agreements with domestic manufacturers, including us. Agreement within a few years, determine the path, size and timing of upgrading energy equipment, provide enhanced energy facilities.

But the foundation of the business. If there is a prospect, you can work.

We can say that in our country there is a prospect for the world. We are entering the WTO, and we understand that the barriers that have been collapsed. We were left alone with equal global partners. I must say that now we are absolutely ready. Once again, I would argue that not all of the foreign producers have what we have.

First of all, a huge range. Secondly, the fundamental institutions in the field of transformer. Third, design institutes. Fourth, engineering and modern service. Fifth, there is postservisnoe service. This entire complex. Course, there is fierce competition. But no other choice.

I’m interested in implementing your program. Where do you get people? As you hike up them to such a high level?

The problem of training was, is and will be. But it is a normal situation. We understand that no one else will give birth to children, except for mothers, and no one else brought up. To bring up a family life, and the plant should bring to work.

Much of today defines the attitude towards people. To evaluate our relationship, it is enough to visit one of the factory canteen. I can say that not many cafes and restaurants are what we have in the dining room. The plant locker rooms, rest rooms, smoking cabins, sport facilities. All the conditions not only for efficient operation, but also to ensure that the employee felt comfortable at work.

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