Innovators UrFU released a new model based on a unique lamp technology


Fifteen hundred LED lights "RADEUS", developed by scientists Ural Federal University (UFU), released in October-December 2012, the same company, operating in Yekaterinburg. Powerful modern lights for industrial premises shipped businesses seven regions of Russia and Belarus. In 2013, the plan is to produce 100,000 of these lamps, and by mid-year manufacturer "Radeus" and small innovative enterprise (IIP) with UFU "Laboratory of energy saving" (LES) will present laboratory model used to illuminate the streets.

When designing a new unique technology efficient heat dissipation, previously piloted spacecraft, and now adapted for terrestrial applications. Future consumers have been able to comment on the draft of the original design (see photo) in their opinion, the lamp should have a non-standard and at the same time discreet, almost classic look. New development has an interest in the Department of Energy, Moscow region.

Simultaneously, the "LES" modernizing a design already produced the lamp. It is much smaller, lighter and cheaper counterparts, however, according to the creators, the reserves to reduce the cost has not yet been exhausted. Partner and co-founder of the University of IIP is a factory "SINTO"

Offering "RADEUS" prospective buyers, the manufacturer organizes a kind of test drive: during a certain period the consumer can try out for free in the light of specific conditions of the enterprise. Another program allows you to purchase a lantern in installments, paying off its energy savings.

Street lighting will be offered to the wide use in accordance with the Federal Law № 261-FZ "On energy saving and energy efficiency" and state program for energy efficiency. It is planned to actively participate in tenders and auctions for electronic public procurement and government contracts.

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