INNOVUS-2013: is a unique development for space


At the XV Tomsk Innovation Forum INNOVUS-2013submitted a joint product of "RSC" Energia " and Tomsk scientists — welding process a new generation, based on the method of non-destructive testing.

Its development involved experts of the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science and Tomsk Polytechnic University. The main advantage of the new welding technique is that when using the welding surfaces are not deformed.

"Out of Space, by definition, is an innovative, new technology spread to other industries, — Alexander Cherniavsky, deputy chief designer of" RSC "Energia". SP? Queen. " — Our development will be the next, which will be widely used. "

(What about this photo is no certainty)

According to him, it is not only the result of the company’s Tomsk citizens. Who passes the test of tough coating for windows designed also with the participation of the Tomsk Institute of Strength Physics. In addition, the company intends to continue negotiations with the TPU to train specialists for the space industry.

Plus, the organization will continue to negotiate with NO TPU to train specialists for the space industry.

"Engineering Education in general often does not meet the requirements of employers — said Aleksanr Cherniavskyi. — Some of the specialties needed in our area, not just in the universities. "

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