INSET — Russian equipment for small hydropower plants

"INSET" specializes in creating environmentally friendly equipment for micro and small hydro power plants. It can provide electricity to the population in remote and mountainous areas, as well as farms. It is much easier and cheaper than building power lines or operation of diesel plants.

The company’s equipment on SHP Liaskelia in Karelia. Capacity 4.8 MW (6h800 kW). For comparison superkopyuter IBM Sequoia, the most powerful in the world, has an electrical power of about 6 mW.

"MNTO INSET" also produces a survey of rivers to identify areas of possible construction of small hydropower plants, performs calculations on the justification of investment, develop business plans, feasibility studies and design documentation.

GES Dzhazator. Altai Republic. 630 kW.

GES Dzhazator. Altai Republic. 630 kW (2h315 kW).

Since the beginning of the association with the use of equipment "MNTO INSET" in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) on 01.01.2009. put into operation more than 100 small and micro hydropower plants with total capacity of over 25 MW.

In foreign countries, including Sweden, Finland, Japan, South Korea, Panama, France, Brazil, Afghanistan, and others put more than 50 hydroelectric units for small and micro hydro made by our association.


Photos from the factory.


To date, the standard series created in the amount of 34 units at head from 3 to 450 m with unit capacity of 5 kW to 5 MW.

In recent years the association developed the "Concept of Development and the layout of objects of small hydro" with total capacity of 360 MW for the Republic of Tuva, Altai, Buryatia, and North Ossetia-Alania.


Fasnalskaya plant in North Ossetia. 6.4 MW.


Fasnalskaya plant in North Ossetia.

It should be noted that the rehabilitation and construction of small hydro power plants has become a real business. Company "Nordgidro" recently restored SHP Liaskelia.

PS Let’s tabernacle, and construct. According to the company INSET "Thus, the construction of small hydroelectric power installed capacity of approximately 500 kW cost of construction and assembly work is about 14,5-15,0 million. When combined timetable for development of project documentation, equipment manufacture, construction and installation of small hydropower plant is put into operation for 15-18 mesyatsev.Sebestoimost electricity generated by such a plant is no more than 0.45-0.5 rubles per 1 kWh, 1 , 5 times lower than the cost of electricity, the power system is actually implemented. By the way, in the next one to two years to increase its energy plan in the 2-2.2 raza.Takim, the construction costs will be repaid in 3.5-5 years. The implementation of this project in terms of ecology will not harm the environment.

It should be noted, moreover, that the reconstruction of the previously derived from operation of small hydropower plant will cost 1.5 — 2 times cheaper. "

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