Installation for the production of high-tech industrial mirrors commissioned by Lytkarino Optical Glass

BIG Goloustnoye (Irkutsk Region), July 20.
On Lytkarino Optical Glass (LZOS) commissioned a unique installation for the production of large-sized high-tech industrial mirrors. Itar-Tass reported during the first International Youth Forum "Engineers of the Future 2011" design engineer Nikolai Dobrikov plant.

Forum is organized by the Russian Engineering Union and the Government of the Irkutsk region.

"The peculiarity of the apparatus is that it was first used in Russia not mirror machining, and ion beam,Dobrikov said. — Most importantly, this method gives a higher quality of work of the optical parts as compared to previously used techniques. In this case, the most important stage of manufacture of the product is reduced by 2-3 times ".

The products are used in domestic and foreign observatories, space ships and other high innovative optical systems.

At the moment, the plant started more than 140 brands of optical glasses. The products are competitive in domestic and world markets, comes in dozens of countries, including the U.S., Germany, China and France.

LZOS implementing large international projects, in particular the United States, Belgium, China, Germany. We also consider the participation of Russia in the largest in the history of the plant site — for the production of 32-meter mirror for the European Observatory.

The plant also supplies products for military use. "All the branches of the armed forces of the country are using the product Lytkarino enterprise", — said Dobrikov.

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