Installation of the main steel overpass in Omsk on 21 th of the Amur is made of 100%

Experts SMU-1 NGO "Mostovik" completed work on the installation of metal II of the overpass on the 21 th of the Amur and began to prepare for the installation of the superstructure in the design position.

"Part of constructive structures was performed back in 2010, mounted bearings, made installation of the retaining wall on the technology Tensar, mounted superstructures in the end spans, — commented Engineer PHE SU" Bridges "Nicholas Muzychenko. — At the end of 2012 we resumed installation spans a total length of 243.3 meters. For the construction of the overpass was selected hinged mounting. By February specialists SMU-1 "bridge-builders" to perform the most tedious part of work — installation of a 48-meter span, which is located between the third and fourth legs. It was under these spans are train tracks, so the building was carried out in those little windows in the movement of trains, which we allocated JSC "Russian Railways".

Currently mounted basic metal overpass: superstructures, orthotropic plate roadway and console weighing about 1,300 tons. Preparations for the installation of the superstructure in the design position. With ten 200-ton jacks overpass construction will be raised and mounted on metal bearings, followed by specialists Omsk association will be performed device joints. "

Over the next 3 months builders will mount the drainage system, install barrier fencing device overpass pavement and lowered it.

Recall the construction of the first phase of the overpass performed by specialists of "bridge builders" in 2009. In 2010, builders started construction of the second overpass, but due to the discontinuation of funding for work on the site had not been maintained. In November 2012, the NGO "Mostovik" resumed the construction of the second phase of the overpass.

Reconstruction of the city highway at 21th Street Amur included in the action plan in preparation for the 300th anniversary of Omsk. Overpasses are essential parts of the interchange, the construction of which will solve the problem of automobile congestion on the highway from 21th Street to the streets of the Amur Zavertyaev.

Completion date — June 2013.

Customer: Administration of Omsk.

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